6 thoughts on “Gorse Moments

  1. Hello
    I am a first year rep with Greek and Roman Civ in UCC.
    Myself and a few others from the class are going to be reviving the Classics soc (and merging it with myth soc) into the new Ancient’s soc and would love your expertise on Sculpture for a possible future event
    I am (election pending) going to be the events manager and we would love to organise an event with ye if at all possible


      1. my apoligies but could find no other way to contact
        we are setting up a new Ancients society by mixing a couple of dead socs into one
        i believe you did/ are doing a club virtually with the crawford art gallery and we would love to get in contact with you over a possible event in the next uni year
        kind regards(and sorry for the mistake, they are ovely gorse)


      2. perfect i will contact you again once we are properly set up
        have you an email and you could possibly contact me as this may not be the ideal place of contact


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