Narratives with Nature

Current work focuses on my relationship with the Glen, an urban river park on my doorstep. I have been blogging daily walks made there from winter solstice 21.12.2020 till summer solstice 21.06.2021. This initial period of time formed the research phase of the project, and was intended to allow for a kind of deep mapping very much arising out of my personal connections arising from the daily commitment to walk and write. Memory and repetition form one of the focuses. Becoming intimate with the natural environment and playing with ways of responding to this growing relationship, using live voice in situ and making recordings in sound and image from those spontaneous interactions, building on these moments in reflective writing and using photographs as visual prompts, developing memories. At the same time discovering stories about the history of the place, meeting people and hearing their stories. Separately, and before this project began, I had set up a Facebook Group called Friends of the Glen initially to do clean ups and care during the pandemic lock down, this contact with fellow walkers has led me into new adventures …. the work unfolds now as I am processing the work from its research phase.

Here is the blog:

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Deep Mapping of the Glen a chronicle sporadic now bit still vital

descend with me into the Glen