Studio Archive

This is a video of a short presentation I made about my work for the Design & Craft Council of Ireland’s Education Resource for schools. Please stop the video if it moves along too quickly 🙂



Questions of materiality, process and context are starting points for works,  there is a deeply held fascination with the qualities,  behaviors and the suggestiveness of things.

Work is preoccupied with the elusiveness of memory –  both degenerative and regenerative, familiar and unfamiliar.  Sites and objects contain forensics of being;  activities and empathies are latent within objects, creating particular narrative potentialities.

Methods which invoke self-generation release the grip of the maker and allow the object to come into being, to form itself.  This opens up a space for current preoccupations.  Physical properties come into play.  After the initial push the momentum gathers.  From here the maker’s role is to introduce disruptions which may halt or divert the process.  Objects are imbued with a cultivated contamination, introducing an element of entropic repossession or transformation. There is a battle of wills.



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