flicker & translation ~|~ tests in embodied drawing

Here I am thinking about drawing in terms of the moving image. How we observe collect and shuffle experience and how film reminds us of the being behind and all around this.

…the shudder is a manifestation of wonder and a recognition of the possibility of anti-egoistic human interrelationships with other or non-beings.  Its twitching indicates a capacity for mimesis, for a connection between self and otherness.  The shudder, then, is on the cusp.  It inaugurates the attempt to master nature, to overcome all that is different.  But it also marks the point of an afterwards that might still – if only bodily, unconsciously, involuntarily – remember what it was like to once be touched by something different, unassimilated.

Esther Leslie from essay Shudder – Shutter – Shatter 

Imperfect Motion ~ The imperfect motion reminds us that we are separate from the machine, the gaps (they that cause the shudderings) unconceal the lived in moments; moments which remain uncaptured in playback, and are repeated in each viewing.


harlequin2 ExportIMG_6949cropped

Blue Moon


Lovers: Orbit

A response – I found Louise Bourgeois piece “Lovers”  to be an invitation to orbit, a rotation around Lovers embrace, my presence a performance orbiting the lovers, lovers rotating wheels within wheels, circular, a gravitational pull.
From a visit to the exhibition What we call Love: From Surrealism to Now at the Irish Museum of Love

Landscapes for Translations ~|~

Beneath the Gate |-| Vibrant Matter

where the object draws in all that’s around it. I am curious about sound layered with image…incidental sound is drawn into the orbit of the object, the constantly changing light is for its drama alone.


In this moving image still shot of a poem and drawing repeated I am interested in how vocal and visual affect one another, the spoken voice, a narrative alters scale and perception, audio and visual textures and meanings elide together, merge,obscure, separate and (re)emerge.
Sound quality is harsh, deliberately removing the mask of production values and reinstating the presence of the speaker. The repetitions imperfect, variable and somehow relentless, reaching for something, maybe contained in the drawing.


playing with still and moving image criss x crossing between photo and drawn representation….

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