Writing is drawing – found: response to Affective Entities*

2016-09-15 11.01.54.jpg

* Affective Entities Exhibition curated by Sarah Kelleher, Rachel Doolin and Ann Mechelinck Wandesford Quay Gallery 2016

Scribble on damp paper found today amongst papers in studio…. 6 months ago.
Two currents one trapped in the paper bleeding through from the reverse, we know this from reading, the ability to read, the printed text bleeding into the paper a series of lines. Drawn over is some handwriting, hastily made between, on and over blue bled lines, scrawled observations from the curation of an exhibition

broom lightening
trapped moment trapped
in burnt wood  charcoal form
memory – neuropaths flashed branches reach out go where?
somehow light up the air – etch their paths’
trajectories a scramble a pointing a
into the frozen tangle before me
pin pricks in paper, marking off days,
like the fabric pieces punctuating surface
orderly ordered rhythmic like the contents
of the collapsed bag – a photo of frozen breast
milk speaking volumes for a life that wasn’t
to be
the other forms now appear fetal, those thick glazed animal forms, not fully formed, or lacking edges, details that might delineate something not quite living
living on

adjustments to text carried out later in response to writing, drawing writing, making writing, reading writing, making sense, rewriting, redrawn


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