studio mo(nu)ments



[ moh-muhnt ]

an indefinitely short period of time; instant
the present time or any other particular time
a definite period or stage
importance or consequence
a period of success

[ noun mon-yuh-muh nt; verb mon-yuh-ment ]

something erected in memory of a person, event, etc.,
any building, megalith, etc., surviving from a past age
any enduring evidence or notable example of something
an exemplar, model, or personification of some abstract quality

and also a verb….. (a doing)………

*(abbreviated & adapted from*

Talking with the students at Killard House School this week, revisiting the moments we spent together at the MAC International in February and bringing forth some old mo(nu)ments – one could say these things I have piled up here on my desk are enduring (if inscrutable) evidence (perhaps even personifications) of an indefinitely short period of time (I had named them ‘witness’)  ……or to be ambivalent – from the perspective of now – the now –  of any number of other times, as they have lain in my studio as a constant ….beckoning……

in “still life” – primordial object – form becomes matter.. original purpose withdraws, the thing vitality is solid, its performance magnified in the stillness of its own particular vibration, inscrutable, ever present, monumental.




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