After the fires in the Glen

Delicate things survive the crossing over from March to April

how delicate things survive the blaze that hops from gorse to gorse, just scorching the ground
Alder is the warrior tree its flesh turning from milk white to blood red when cut. Fearn (Alder) rules the fourth moon of the Celtic Calendar and is the 3rd letter of the Ogham, “w”
perished ball emerges intact from the charrings of the undergrowth on the unscathed pathway

…days later, 13 April in the morning sun steam rises from the charred ground

Earth Breathing
gorse arabesques scripting my breath held in the middle

Gorse making drawings, feelings of sweep sweep arabesque charcoal and ash, loose and light in the surrounds I feel my breath in the intersection where the 3 stalks rise.

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