The Glen river Course

The Glen River runs the entirety of its course from its source in Banduff westwards through the NE side of Cork city where it joins The Bride at Blackpool and flows south to meet the Lee turning Eastwards to the Sea …

The Declaration establishes that all rivers shall possess, at minimum, the following fundamental rights:

(1) The right to flow

(2) The right to perform essential functions within its ecosystem

(3) The right to be free from pollution

(4) The right to feed and be fed by sustainable aquifers

(5) The right to native biodiversity

(6) The right to restoration

Find the petition here:

3 thoughts on “The Glen river Course

  1. Julie, this is so timely for us all – thank you! I’ve been devasted this last month seeing poor care of rivers in my home area of NZ recently cause so much harm to lives and livelihoods as a result of native forest deforestation, drainage of water-buffering wetlands and so much building on river floodplains (NZ has suffered its worst natural catastrophe with major cyclones exacerbated by climate breakdown). I will be sharing this with our learners too.


  2. thanks Cathy – so sorry about NZ – if we could honour our rivers we might begin to heal beyond our wildest dreams… it takes a moment of care to begin…


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