a tableau of things

Here is a collection of findings, of coincidences and cumulations that make perfect sense at the time of posting. I have stolen a quote from Jane Bennett’s book ‘Vibrant Matter’ – her text speaks poetically about congregations in the drift:

When the materiality of the glove, the rat, the pollen, the bottle cap and the stick start to shimmer and spark, it was in part because of the contingent tableau that they formed with each other, with the street, with the weather that morning,  with me.  For had the sun not glinted on the black glove, I might not have seen the rat; had the rat not been there, I might not have noted the bottle cap, and so on.  But they were all there just as they were, and so I caught a glimpse of an energetic vitality inside each of these things, things that I generally conceived as inert.   In this assemblage, objects appeared as things, that is, as vivid entities not entirely reducible to the contexts in which (human) subjects set them, never entirely exhausted by their semiotics.


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