Excavating a drawing Practice

I have been feeling my way here. Drawing has been beating in the background, quietly sustaining a practice. Drawing is a current with a pulse. My present work is to bring drawing to the fore. This excavation is where my interest lies; curiosity is at its height when the destination is elusive, and drawing is the expression of working towards, of seeking, perhaps never wholly finding, hopefully encountering surprising glimpses into the vastness of what it is to be, and finding it briefly in small moments, attention to a detail that has been overlooked or hidden.

to understand

to probe

to meditate

to log

to visualise

to revisualise

to invent

to exhume

to explore

to extract

to express

to hone

to be


Adding, subtracting, trying new ways of seeing, understanding, logging, drawing is the basis for experimental thought. Drawing (not language) is the house of thought* .

At the Guesthouse Reading Group we are reading Martin Heidegger’s Letter on Humanism,  a response to Sartre’s existentialism (Sartre never replied)

I aim to open up the ek from Martin Heidegger –  If I was in conversation with the philosopher I would suggest that he might try a drawing (not meaning to be trite)

…and so back to language, drawing is embedded in the idea of drawing out.


*Martin Heidegger p 254 Letter on Humanism

the human being is not only a living creature who possesses language along with other capacities. Rather, language is the house of being in which the human ek-sists by dwelling

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