Drawing as being

These are some sketches- an experimental, experiential approach to drawing.

This body of work is emerging out of a residency with Virtually There. I am working with in an open enquiry about materials and layering. I envision finished pieces as photographs (re-assembled as photographs) but for now they are held here in sketch form. These drawing have been made in dialogue with young people at Killard School and a largely based on a sense of being together for a short time in a public park, our dialogue took place afterwards online:


Drawing assembles from a collection of things: material and colour and gesture. The yellow, wet and the way it affects the paper – dimpling puckering and pooling in draws in, collecting – does the liquid draw the paper around it, a protective gesture or does the paper embrace the liquid, also protective, this drawing is about that – belonging in the environment.


This is another drawing assemblages using Yellow. Cut drawing as well as mark drawing. Themes of covering and obscuring run through this body of work, concealing and revealing.


drawing with shape and form. This is part of a large piece which took over my studio, hanging from the rafters, ideas are collaged together loosely hanging – ready to move, nothing is stuck down.


This Drawing is a different kind of assemblage, there is a figure mapped out in pen and ink represented in a landscape and there has been an intervention here, a weathering, the drawing is layered with other kinds of mark-making, is it debris? Or an explosion? The yellow is joyful, the gesture is joyful here but sprung from behind the figure – is she aware of it? There is a more systemic patterning above the figure, yellow once more but neon this time, electric, perhaps a thought pattern, the inside of the figures mind? A softly pastel coloured geometric pattern appears left, again hints of yellow with peach and pink and pale blue could this be a pod of some kind, a more formal element, there are other shapes like utterances floating in front and above, and there are other layers holding the elements in space.


This is a collaborative drawing I made with a student, we were experimenting with layers and graphic imaging tools on an interactive whiteboard. Included here is an image from the David Hockney exhibition we visited, recalling the trees which gave us an unforgettable experience at Mount Stewart, the idea of proxy is contained in this drawing, the sutdent’s avatar and Hockney’s image standing in for an experience we shared. Here we are adding to the imagery drawing over it with digital tools.


Here is the avatar again printed and placed over one of my drawings of our trip to Mount Stewart.


Drawing in layers detail mixed media


Drawing of the coney lanterns at Mount Stewart, transformed into a mountain (in my mind verbally this locates with the fabled Coney Island, I’ve never been there but I know how it figures in the American psyche. ) The repetition of this image carries through all iterations of drawing cycles.

Aims for this project are to create a drawing room an immersive environment drawn together with collected iterations and assemblages from the project.

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