Drawing a line through the studio [with Lyric FM] Sunday 11.6.2017

Drawing a line through studio with Lyric FM 21.10 hours Sunday 11 June2017 from julie forrester on Vimeo.

Further delving into an expanded drawing practice using ‘real time’. Exploring line, space, form, repetition, surface, texture, and tuning in to the influence of sound on movement and pacing. There is an openness to chance here.

This piece arose from a deep cleaning in studio – the ever re-arranging of objects. The placing of things in new juxtapositions throws up new encounters and these new rhythms and alignments provoked this moving image response.

I am interested in the influence of sound on the making of drawing and video allows this to happen in playback.
Another element is the ‘turning out’ of space as the camera’s eye revolves, forcing new understandings of the forms and rhythms.

Passing the camera 3 times through the space builds repetition in time, which augments the experience of previous encounters with the various elements.
There is a further repetition of forms within the frame, creating a multi-layered, multi-dimensional experience.

Drawing for me is about spontaneity, or at least a ‘being in the moment’ – any temptation to improve on this drawing through a restaging would be invalid, though it may be interesting to attempt a different iteration. Also I may try another ‘translated’ version using more traditional drawing materials in 2 dimensions which may yield some interesting results, as would drawing from memory.

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